Holy crap! It's been an insanely busy year for me so I just wanted to post some updates! 

Libel released our full-length EP "Comfort in the Noise" in April and we are incredibly proud of the final product! We also have a video! You can stream the album for free here and watch the video here! The album is also available on iTunes and Spotify. :)

Tree River played our first show in Brooklyn last month at Friends and Lovers, and released a single called "Brainstem" from our upcoming EP "Dark Matter". Stream it here

On the studio front, I laid down bass on three tracks for Pop Scream (fka Cosmic Lies) which will hopefully be released in the fall/winter!

I also seem to have made it a habit of joining new bands this year! I started playing in dream pop band Scam Avenue and power pop act Jonny Couch! I've got gigs up the wazoo so definitely check the Shows page for upcoming dates. 

Not to be ignored are the cover sets I did this spring with the Dashing Blumpkins (Smashing Pumpkins tribute) and Honeydew Diners (Rush tribute), along with a Radiohead set that Libel performed as Baby's Got Depends. Halloween is going to be awesome this year!! 

I am always looking for other musicians to play with, so let me know if you need a bassist or backing vocalist for your next tour or project!

- Julie