"Dark Matter" - Tree River (bass) 2016

"Comfort in the Noise" - Libel (bass, backing vocals) 2016

"Sleep Li'l Darlin" and "Beauty" - Leighanne Saltsman (bass)  2014

"Music for Car Commercials" - Libel (backing vocals) 2013
*Old Boy, Broken Wine Glass, Thoroughly Modern Milieu

"No Regrets for Our Youth" - Libel (bass, backing vocals) 2010

"Traveling Show" - The Art of Shooting (bass) 2010
*Drinking and Dressing, One Minute Love Song, Japanese, Traveling Show, The Birdcage, Pet

"The Prolonged Insult" - Libel (bass, backing vocals) 2009

"These Are My Iron Teeth" - Run Silent Run Deep (bass) 2006
Wammie Award for Best Modern Rock Recording

"Resonate" - Run Silent Run Deep (bass, backing vocals) 2004

"Season of Fire" - Run Silent Run Deep (bass) 2003
*Color of Bruise, Crusades, Get Away

"One Fine Ride" - The Kingdom of Leisure (bass) 1999
*The Princess Bridge