Hello everyone and welcome to my new website! 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year for me musically, and my goal is to keep getting busier! I am available for gigs, sessions, touring, etc. Please contact me if you're in need of bass or backing vocals. :)

So what the heck have I been up to? Libel is currently mixing our next EP "Comfort in the Noise" which should be out some time this year. I also recorded with Tree River on their upcoming album "Dark Matter" and started playing with a new band Cosmic Lies! I've got a couple other cool things in the works, including working with some amazing people on a rock opera! Oh yeah, and I also started a Rush tribute band called Honeydew Diners. We are looking for gigs, so Rush fans out there get at us!

Here is a link to my SoundCloud page for a sample of my previous work. Check back here for updates on all of my future projects!

Finally, I'd like to give a huge thank you to my dear friend Ebru Yildiz who lovingly designed this website and took most of the photos. :) THANK YOU EBRU!!